Saturday, July 03, 2004

I'm going to Celebrate Freedom in a few minutes. I'm not really super excited about it. It's basically this huge free christian music festival. What's not to be excited about you ask? The artists are some of the most sought after in the CCM world. SCC, POG, AA, FFH...if you knew instantly who all those people/groups were, you should really listen to more Outkast. I'm just not so into that whole scene anymore. Anyway.. I almost backed out on the people I"m going with, but something is compelling me to go. Sometimes I really hate that sense. That's what brought me back to the States and sometimes I'm still mad about it. But usually when I follow that prompting, there is something on the other side that God knows about and I don't. A conversation, an observation, a lesson to be learned, a life to be influenced. Who knows. My eyes are feeling better but i really don't want them to flair up again, I'd much rather stay home and read and write and play. But I'm going...and It will be good.