Monday, August 30, 2004

Hi my name is Melanie and I used to blog here...
yeah it's been a while. It's funny because I've been here 3 weeks now, and I still haven't done a whole lot of processing. And I'm sure one of these days it's going to be like a volcano errupted and all this stuff is going to come spewing out. Like I haven't even really been writing in my paper journal much either, so I don't know where all of this stuff is going. Probably into conversation. *gasp* I know, I almost had forgotten what those were. But I have a lot of them now. Good ones. Like pretty much every day. And with lots of different people. I bet that's where all my processing has gone. yeah. that, and whenever I do have a minute to blog, it's literally like a minute. Like right now, I need to go to class soon, but I was just compelled to take a minute to type. I miss typing. That probably sounds weird.
I'm moving on wednesday. Into my "permanent" place of residence. I'm moving in with a lady who is single, and her kids are all out of the house and she's kind of been thinking of getting someone to rent her extra room out. She was one of my small group leaders in high school and she's pretty laid back and stuff so I think it will work out well. She's like right down the street from where my old house was too so I kind of like that.
Last night I saw Garden State with a bunch of people from church. I wouldn't give it a blanket reccomendation, but it was definitely one of the most inspiring, and thought provoking, and moving, and challenging movies put out there in a long time. It's definitely rated R for a reason though. If you're thinking about seeing it and want more detail on that let me know...I don't want to give stuff away too much, but I kind of wish I would've known a couple things going into it rather than having my eyes hijacked, even if it was for just like 30 seconds. I want to write more about that...but not now.
I taught sunday school for the college/career class yesterday. It was really good I thought. I don't know if people were awake and stuff, but they seemed pretty responsive. It was a good lesson though, about a lot of stuff God has been teaching and revealing to me lately. I want to write more about that too, but alas and alack I must go to Class Piano. woo hoo.