Wednesday, October 27, 2004

So here's an interesting thing. My best friend has a boyfriend. Officially. It's very cool. And very weird. My best friend has never had a boyfriend before. So even though it's obviously effecting her more than me, I feel in some way a part of my life is about to change too. Like it has too. It's not just some random flakey boyfriend. It's a relationship, and relationships are pretty dependant upon time. And since we pretty much spend a lot of our time together, I'm assuming that that will be cut down. Not out. But down. Which again, is not a bad thing, it could actually be a good thing. But it's wierd. I'm excited though. Super excited for her, and him.
Actually in a way, this has totally renewed my faith that God is in control of the whole love life/boyfriend/husband part of my life. This has pretty much all gone down in a month, and was totally not even thought of before then. God is in control. I should start chanting that through out the day. Just for everything that goes on. God is in control. I probably could not be reminded of that beautiful fact enough.
I will say though that I am a bit jealous. In a way. On the other hand, I'm glad she gets to go first. We've talked about how one of us would have to go first. I'm glad it's her.
And now I shall go read myself to sleep.