Wednesday, October 06, 2004

This might sound really stuck up at first, but hang with me and I think you'll get what I'm trying to say.
Ever since I've been back in Mesa, I've noticed that for some reason I tend to hold an unusual ammount of favor with people for no apparent reason. People like me, and not only do they like me, they respect me and like will even sometimes cater to me. I don't understand this. First of all the fact that I got a job at my church without interviewing, or even being in the same state, or having attended the church for 2 years was pretty good. But now, it's like people are coming out of the woodwork that randomly like me. Maybe this doesn't sound conceited, maybe it sounds more like I have low self esteem. I don't really, I've always made friends pretty easy. I'm a cool person what can I say? But there are some really random people that all of a sudden are like my best friend.
For instance, I was in the office today, and there was an older man in who is retired and spends a lot of his time volunteering at the church. He's the grandpa of two of my good friends, and when I was here a couple years ago I spent a lot of time at their house, so I got to know him pretty good. He's a funny guy and likes to joke around, and every time he sees me he says "G'day mate". So I saw him and said hello and he took my hand and kissed it and said how glad he was that I was back. After he said g'day of course.
Then there's this other lady who was like one of my leaders in jr. high and hi school who is still a youth leader who apparently screamed when she found out I was coming back and gave me a huge hug the other night after I lead worship at MNL and said she was so glad I came back.
But by far, the most bizare one is my friend Meg's mom. She's a great lady, honestly I love her to death, but I can't figure out why she likes me so much. It's a little weird. I'm at their house pretty much every day. Actually sometimes I'm at their house more than I'm at my house. L is living with them right now so that's pretty much why, but like I chat to Meg's mom and sometimes we have seriously talked for a couple hours. It definitely helps that they have the most comfortable furniture in the world, and usually I just don't want to get up to leave, BUT I still somehow carry an unmerited level of favor with her in my opinion. I was over there last night for the VP debate and she was like, "Mel it's so good to see you, you haven't been around for a while." When really I was there the day before. Though I don't think I saw her then. But I did see her on Sunday, so apparently 2 days is a while. This favor comes with definte perks though, like free food and wine, and getting to submit my choice of theme song for our missions conference this year. (My song totally won by the way. Well it wasn't my song, it's Matt Redman Missions Flame, from his new CD which if you don't have you should go buy right now.)
Anyway, I don't know I just find it a little weird that these people like me so much. They aren't the only ones either. Our pastors wife loves me, and a couple ladies in the office tell me frequently that they are so glad I'm in the office now. It'll be interesting to see what areas I can stretch this favor into. More hours? Better pay? First female "pastor"? ha. we'll see.

In other news, I'm going out of town this weekend. Praise the Lord. It's our women's retreat and I'm very excited. I'm excited for the retreat and just to be able to get away. I'm hoping there will be tears. I've been feeling the need for a good cry for some time now, but it hasn't happened.

I would also like to recommend my new favorite tv show. It's on ABC on Wednesday nights and it's alled WifeSwap. IT's based off a british show that we were all addicted to in Sydney last year, but the American one is way more brutal. (not to mention dramatic and over produced) I'm also sadly addicted to the Real World. That show is so slutty. I should not watch it. But it's on24/7 and totally addicting I tell ya.

Ok I should be tired, but I'm not so I"m going to go clean up parts of my room that are crying out for sunlight.