Wednesday, November 17, 2004

I bought the new Keane cd today at Target for $7. I would highly recommend you go do the same. Seriously such a good album. Now I'm just waiting for John Butler Trio to make it out here. I saw this thing on MTV that they have released an ep here and are going to have a full length out some time in 2005. I was way excited when I heard they were finally making it out here. They are way too good to not
And now I have a little moral question I would like to pose to you all. Feel free to leave your opinions in the comments. (Don't use the guestbook. I really need to get rid of that thing *cough cough*) anyway...
Suppose you are in a store and you are deciding if you want to buy a product. Let's say, the product is something like chapstick. You aren't sure if you want to buy the product so you "test" it to see if it is indeed what you are wanting to buy. After testing the product you decide that is is in fact NOT what you are wanting. Considering the nature of the product, what do you do? Do you wipe it off and put it back? No harm done. Or do you feel you should buy the product since you "used" it. Even though it was really just a "test". Let me know what you think.