Wednesday, November 10, 2004

I'll try not to swear in the first sentence of this entry.
Good job.
So today my Hotmail account got upgraded! 250MB baby. Heck yes. I was at work when I first saw it and the ladies in the office must have thought I was crazy. Really, I'm not that hard to please. So everyone send me lots of pictures and long ass emails so I can take my new limit for a test drive.
I'm very excited that tomorrow is Veteran's Day. Basically because thousands (millions?) of men died for America I get to have no class, sleep in, and go to the brand new Ikea in tempe. yesssssssss.
And now I think I'm going to go finish my Afghanistan book. It's only taken me forever. Granted I've ready quite a few other books in the mean time...but I'm ready to give this one back to L since it was a present for her and everything. I really want to go there some day. Maybe for a year. A year in Kabul. Maybe that's what I'll do when I finish bloody college. Go spend a year teaching music in Kabul. That is unless I convince our church to turn our new property into a coffee shop and let me run that.
The dreams are starting to be pulled out of the sand.