Monday, November 15, 2004

where to start hey?
For those of you who were concerned about the recent barrage of swear words and negative thoughts in previous entries...thanks and I'm ok. And for the 2 hour call from Sydney I am ever grateful.
There was a lot of crying this weekend and a lot of feeling like a crazy person, but there was also just a ton of grace and seriously I think somewhere in the drama God broke through. If you ever feel like a crazy person you should check out Psalm 34. Honestly that is my anchor right now. check it out.
On the other hand, because yesterday and today have been good days...the best in a couple weeks...the cynic in me is waiting for the crash. you know? The shitty days can't be that far off, because really I got feeling better way too soon and way to easily.
GOd has also been bringing me through James. Actually i just finished it. And it's all about patitence and perseverence. So that's what I'm doing. I'm not making any big descisions right now, I'm not going to make any drastic changes, I am going to pursue God more and hope that with some faith and perseverence this season will work itself out.

On a much lighter note...I found out that my brother, my amazing brother, took 13th in the Texas All-State orchestra. 13th! Out of like hundreds that auditioned. They only chose 24 so he's like right in the middle of the people that made it, but still...out of hundreds of kids from all over Texas, my brother got in. I'm so proud. Now I just have to convince my parents to fly me to San Antonio in February for the concert. They'll do it.