Wednesday, December 01, 2004

I think I'm going to move to Tempe. I"m going to move to about Warner and I-10. Do you think they'll notice if I move into IKEA? I LOVE that store. I went tonight accidently. I started out going to Old Navy on Stapley, after that I ended up driving west because traffic was so bad, so I decided to go to Ross at Mills to look for a jacket that I really wanted. ( I totally found the jacket, and it had just be reduced to $18. awesome.) So then I realized I was down there anway, and I didn't have anything to do tonight, and I'd been wanting to go to IKEA to look around for christmas I went. It was great. I LOVE that store. Oh wait, I already said that. I skipped the 2nd floor this time, and went straight to the marketplace or whatever it's called. I got presents for the cousins, christmas cards, gifts for all the ladies in the office, wrapping paper, batteries, and the COOLEST THING EVER, it's this little mini drink mixer that foams milk for coffee. It was only 99cents. Dang, I should have got my mom one. Guess I'll have to go back! Darn. So yeah I was there for a couple hours, then I got lost in phoenix because I missed the turn off for the 60 east. Anyway, it was great fun. I love spending money on other people. I really do. I hate it though when it's like out of obligation, but none of this was so it was cool just looking for stuff that I knew these people would enjoy.
I think I'm going to go to sleep now...8am class...woo hoo.