Thursday, December 02, 2004

We are so close to the end of the semester I can taste it. Oh how I long for december 14th. Today my theory teacher gave us our TAKE HOME theory exam. take home! I was floored. She totally doesn't seem like the type to do something that nice, but she did, and I'm so happy. Not only that but we have a whole week to do it! Odds are that I will totally forget to do it. Let's hope not. My grade in that class is good but not that good. My AP exam is next week, and then I'm done except for vocal juries on the 13th. It will be so glorious to only have to think about work for a month. Especially since Dec/Jan is like one of the busiest times.
So yeah. Things are good. Really good. Better than they've been for a long time I'd say. God's been showing me a lot, and some of it has been hard, but mostly it's just been really amazing stuff about himself. I like those times. Enough about me God, let's talk about you.

Oh! I used my milk foamer this morning. A-freaking-mazing. The only problem was that I didn't realize how much is actually foams the milk. I put probably filled the mug a little over a quarter full, and pretty much got a whole mug of foam. All this for the low IKEA price of 99cents. Seriously, how good is that. If anyone wants me to take them on a field trip to that lovely store, I will be more than happy to chaperone.

Off to choir...hasta.