Monday, March 07, 2005

I'm still bitter about my entry from last night getting eatten. So annoying. So because I don't have the energy to construct it all over again I'm just going to hit the highlights in bulleted format.

  • Mobile phones hate me. I've just destroyed my 2nd in as many years. The good news is I'm a college student and people feel sorry for me so I was given a phone (used) that was better than the one that died.
  • Guitars hate me. Mine is beyond repair. I'm convinced. And where does a poor college studen who takes free mob phone hand outs find money to buy a new guitar? Only God knows. And that's not a joke. He's either going to provide one or it's the end of a guitar playing era, which is sad and makes me want to cry just thinking about it. So I really hope he provides one. And I'm not having faith for a crappy guitar, I need a good one, a nice one, not a "dream" one necessarily, but definitely an upgrade from the current.
  • Girls are dumb and crave drama. Myself included if I wanted to be honest. Which I don't, so I'm just going to go on about other's splinters while ignoring my own plank. But seriously why are girls so dumb and dramatic? Why do girls make stuff up in their heads? Why do girls blow things WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY out of proportion and cry all the time? The past couple weeks I've felt like the girl the JET boys wrote about in "Cold Hard Bitch". All these girls around me, in various circles of my life are like wilting, and I'm like thinking, "Suck it up princess" while God is telling me, "Shut up and love them". I do care, I just can't help that I'm a logical/emotional person surrounded by emotional/logical people.
  • I've become less afraid of loosing friends. I used to be really afraid of loosing my friends. I guess part of it is just maturing and knowing that I have some friendships that will probably whether any storm, but I think this revelation has come from the fact that I already have a Friend who has promised to never leave me. I know that sounds cheesy, and sunday school, but I was reading this amazing book "The Signature of Jesus" by Brennan Manning, which is a book you should read only if you want a severe kick in the ass, but he was talking about how we don't need to put so much worry into losing friendships because we simply can't lose Jesus. In a way this seems to be emphasising my "Cold Hard Bitch" persona because I've become a lot less concerned about what my friends think of me. I have become more bold in confronting, speaking the truth (hopefully in love), and the like.
  • God bless the Girl Scouts. I purchased my first round of cookies the other day and as I was basking in the glory of a Tagalong, I started wondering about why there are no year round Girl Scout cookie knockoffs. I'm thinking there needs to be some investigative reporting into the deep, dark world of the Girl Scouts and find out how they have single handedly defeated the cookie manufacturers in America.
  • I've really been missing Sydney. A lot. I've had dreams like every night for the past week. Last night I had a dream that there was a parade going down Elizabeth street, and I was sitting on a corner watching it and then like the Army band came marching down and everyone started throwing tomatoes at them because of Iraq, and then I started running cause everyone found out I was American, and I went to this cafe inside a train station and randomly two very country Aussie guys that I did my DTS with were working there. And next week we're taking our high schoolers to serve at the DreamCenter in L.A. a week before the United guys will be there. Oh Joel Houston, you elude me still. And a couple nights ago I had a dream about having coffee with Leah at Gloria Jean's at Norwest and there being some hideous Valentines display in front of the Coles there (which is definitely not beyond belief as all of the displays there are usually shocking.) I don't know. I'm not sure if I'll ever come to terms with the fact that I can't live in the one place that feels most like home eto me. And Krys just told me that Chris Caine is speaking at her chapels this week. WHY!
  • I went to San Antonio last month to see my brothers all state orchestra concert. It was like a family vacation where everyone had their own ideas of what they wanted to do. The river walk is really cool though. Highly reccommended. There is also a random Australian Import shop across the street from the Alamo (yeah, I think that's weird too.) And I stocked up on Tim Tam's, Solo, and Minties - one of which I am currently enjoying. It's moments like these you need a...

Ok, I think that's enough for now. If your name is Al C., Leah, or Joan I would love to know that you are at least still alive. I'll try to not erase this one.