Tuesday, April 19, 2005

*Hecka cool website of the day* (week, month?)

I think this is a record co. or distributor or something for worship music. Anyway, whatever they are, they have a lot of awesome worship leaders and bands (including United) and if you register on their site you can download and print unlimited chord charts WITH lyrics for FREE! And worship leaders everywhere cried Hallelujah.
So yeah, just register, then go to the drop down thing at the top that says "Worship Leaders" choose whoever you are looking for and then on their main page should be a list of albums, if you click on an album then it opens up a page of detailed track listings and there is a little icon for "sheet music" (which really isn't sheet music, but chords and words) and there you go. Seriously, I was blown away. I just printed out all the music from the new United album. Guess what we are going to be singing in youth group???

Anyway, I figured that would be beneficial to some of you. enjoy.