Wednesday, April 27, 2005

How good is God???!!!

I so easily loose sight of his faithfulness in the little things. I keep waiting for revival at Trinity, for our youth to get seriously filled with the Holy Spirit and change Mesa for good, for Joel to walk through the door and declare his undying, wait a second. Anyway, point being, I keep waiting for big things, all the while missing what God is doing right in front of me!

Here's what just happened less than 5 minutes ago.

So last month I was having some crazy problems with my cell phone. They told me I had used over 300 of my 400 minutes within the first week of my new billing cycle. Considering I used just over 300 minutes in the entire month before, I found this pretty hard to believe. They said they couldn't do anything until my bill was printed though. Well my bill came last week sometime, and I finally had time tonight to give them a call, and seriously, I just asked a couple questions like totally nice, not getting rude, or even like defensive, I was just trying to figure out what could have happened that resulted in like $10 in overage charges. So just in the course of talking to the guy, he offered to credit my account $20.00! We found out that we went to the same jr. high and some other stuff like that and he was just like, "Well I get off in 10 minutes and it's been a rough day, and I just feel like helping you out, so here's $20!" So that brings down my bill to less than like my monthly fees before taxes. I do not understand how he can do that. But I am so thankful. And I am so thankful for how God provides in the most intersting ways.

I would also like to say that I was made very happy yesterday when I heard John Butler Trio's "Zebra" on the radio. I really think that the Austrailian government should start paying me to move back and forth between the States because every time I do more aussie bands/actors/singers make it here. The first time is was Kylie Minogue (ok, I apologize for that one. I didn't say they were good singers) and that cute actress that dated Heath Ledger for a while...for some reason I'm drawing a blank on her name. Anyway, this last time it's been Jet, and JBT. I'm still waiting for Guy Sebastian and Delta Goodrem. And Kath and Kim. Seriously, if there are any kind hearted Aussies out there that want to send me Kath and Kim dvd's (or dvd copies) I will love you forever. Last week I found a website where I can watch the latest episodes of Neighbors, and channel 9 news. uh huh, I'm a dork.