Sunday, June 12, 2005

I hate that I've been so slack at blogging this summer. I blog in my head. Is that weird? I'll be somewhere and be thinking how I have to write about it and then start writing in my head and then I never exactly get it down in here.
Part of the problem is that I really haven't been home for the past three weeks or so. On top of that my computer crashed last thursday. My friend Aaron who is a great guy fixed it for me. Actually last week was a really bad week.
I cracked my toe playing broomball. Got a speeding ticket. Was dealing with just life stuff in general. And then the cherry was the computer crashing.
The amazing thing is, is that through it all I had such an incredible peace and calm. It's been a huge encouragement actually. It's reasurred me that I really am getting back to God. If this would have happened even 3 weeks ago I know my reaction to it all would have been compleeeeetely different.

Is anyone else insanely sick of Tom Cruise and Katy Holmes? I am like trying to escape their plublicity, but they're bloody everywhere. I seriously think it's just a stunt. A very annoying, obvious, and desperate attempt to boost their careers.

oddly enough, I don't really feel like I have a lot to say right now. But now that I'm home for a while, and my computer is fixed, hopefully I can stop blogging in my head and start writing more for reals. yeah.