Sunday, July 10, 2005

the Gathering was good. In a very hard way. In a way that made me confront stuff. That's a whole thing I'm not getting into right now. I think I'm going to write a sermon on it though. Which is kind of funny because I'm so not the teaching, preaching, sermon writing type. But there's this whole theme that's been running through my life and whenever I spend time thinking about what God's doing it in, I have this visual of me sharing what I'm learning at Monday Nights. hm.

So this is just random, and I probably could have told you this on the phone, but um, krys darling, if you can figure out what happened to my comments and get them back, that would be lovely.

It's been a couple weeks now since Flourish. And I'm still dealing with the aftermath of a few things. That word may give off the wrong connotations. Like Flourish was this horrible tornado that swept through my life. I guess in a way it was. But a good tornado. Like the kind that takes you to OZ to meet Glenda the good fairy and that sort of stuff. I always thought the Wizard of OZ was some sort of drugged out halucination story, and I was shocked to find out in my junior year American History class that it was a political satire/commentary for its time. I guess there still could have been some halucinations involved...
I came down from the mountains prepared and expecting spiritual warfare in the wake of all the amazing things God did at Flourish. Things in me, things in the other amazing leader, and of course things in the girls. So I was prepared right. First, you should notice the first fallacy in that statement is the word "I". I can not defeat the enemy. Christ IN me can, but I basically have nothing. So "I" was prepared. I know how the enemy tends to attack. I know the thought patterns, which temptations get aroused, depression isn't usually too far off. I was ready. And it's a good thing that "I" have nothing and that there have been huge amounts of Christ in me recently and that He is victorious. Because I've definitely been thrown a curve ball the past couple weeks. Satan has attacked through horrible, unexpected, devistating things happening in the lives of friends and family around me. It sounds odd. And it sounds like making light of what the people actually walking through the circumstances are feeling, but that's far from true. I guess I don't even really know how to explain it. The sudden on set of tiredness isn't helping my verbal/written skills at this point either. I guess I could just wrap it up and end by saying that praise the Lord that He is strong in our weakness. He has won victory over any way the enemy comes against us and under his blood no weapon formed against us will stand. That's good news. Thank you jesus.