Sunday, July 10, 2005

what a week, what a week, what a week.
I'm pretty sure that was just the fastest week of my life. I hope I don't ever experience a week that fast again because then I will be like old and dead in what will seem like 5 years' time. There's a lot I could say. I don't know if I'll get it all out in one setting because I've decided to go to the Gathering tonight. I'm not sure why. Church was good this morning. And I hate that I go to other churches looking for some sort of fulfillment. I feel quite like a vulture. Circling around to pick the meat of off other people's nourishment. I hate that right now I'm equating church with fulfillment. I'm just being honest people. It's not like I'm really feeling empty right now either. A ton of cool stuff has happened this week. A ton of shit stuff has happened as well, but that's not the point really.
It's funny, because the cool stuff and the not cool stuff are like complete extremes within the same sort of category I guess you could call it. I'm not really sure if I should talk about the crap stuff yet. I don't know why I wouldn't, no one pertaining to the situation reads this. That I know of. That's what I love about blogs. For all I know the flippin President of the United States could read my blog regularly. Or Joel. Or some unknown gorgeous girl of God in Asia, or anywhere really. Random. So I'll give you the good now and maybe come back for the rest later hey?

So I have some friends, more like acquaintences really, that I went to Hillsong with. Except that they went to the city campus and I was at the hills and the only way I knew them was through some random connection, actually through the Gathering oddly enough. They are from Mesa so every time I'd see them I'd be like, "Hey my people from my land!" So when they got back to AZ they planted in church in mesa called Latitude Life Centre. I've never been because they just meet on Sunday mornings, but I keep up with what's going on through their website and I've met random people at my little coffee shop that go there so yeah it's kinda cool. Well i was around their website last week and saw that they are starting an Adopt-a-Block ministry in August. So I was thinking how we've been wanting our youth to get into the community and doing stuff but we just don't have the resource to start something up really. Or something. So anyway, I emailed my friend Kimberlee that's the senior pastor over there with her husband and told them the story and asked if there might be anyway we could get our youth involved. Not knowing how that will flesh out, or what it will look like in the end, but you know maybe we could talk about it or something. So she called me like a couple days later and was like so stinking excited and pumped. She said it's been a huge goal of theirs to work with other churches in the community but they've been getting shot down by churches just wanting to do their own thing and stuff and yeah, was just really pumped. So then I got super pumped and am just so excited how this is an answer to prayer for both of our groups. So I'm going to go over there this wednessday for this luncheon thing they already had scheduled about the adopt-a-block program and stuff then she and I and their youth pastor are gonna sit down and chat and see what we can come up with. Awesome hey.
Mas later...