Friday, August 05, 2005

I love my new church. I love it SOOOOOOOOO much. I can not wait for the next 2 weeks to pass so that I can be there 100%
This week we started adopt-a-block with the pastoral and leadership team. Don't ask me how I got to go out with them...Jared and Kim have completely opened everything up to me. It's so crazy. So we went out on Wednesday and started with 2 neighborhood streets. We split into 2 teams and each took one of the streets. This neighborhood is right across the street from the church so it's pretty cool. I had no idea this neighborhood even exsisted in this part of Mesa. Total ghetto trailer neighborhood. It's not even like a "trailer park", it's just like streets of trailers. We basically started off introducing our selves to people, telling them who we were and that we'd be back every Wednesday until they die. We didn't say that to the old people though because then it sounds like we won't be around for that long. We got to talk to so many people, and everyone we talked to was really receptive. The other team was a bit more spiritual than we were and they got to pray with people and apparently one lady invited them in for lemonade or something so they chatted with her for a while. People are just lonely. I met a young hispanic couple that had just moved in and were excited that they had just bought their first home. There was something in me that wanted to put them down for considering a trailer an exciting new home...but then I remembered my parents first home was a trailer...and why would you judge someone for something like that? Sometimes the thoughts and pride and judgements that come into my head are just horrible. Anyway, so AAB was awesome. It was the first time for pretty much everyone except for Jared, Kim, and me so it was really cool to hear their stories and see their excitement. I am just excited that it's finally happening in my community. No more longing dreams of sweeping streets and handing out pudding in L.A. Here we are Mesa! And God has totally gone before us, so watch out!
So that was Wednesday.
Last night was WACA rehearsal and I went to that. After my year at Hills I never thought I'd see the day when I got excited over a 3 hour worship rehearsal again. But I was SOOO excited. Oh my gosh. It's so crazy to me that this church is still just starting out, and yet they are so on top of stuff. I went to the choir practice, since that's where all the newbies start and it was so deja vu"ish". On a much smaller scale, but still it was really weird. There is just so much creativity, and like actually working on stuff to make it excellent and make it flow and smooth and sound good and make it original. It was awesome. After the choir practice then there's like a devo/vision time and then the people that are on for sunday practice. They let me stick around and watch them rehearse, which sounds kind of lame but you learn so much from watching people interact and create and worship together. I decided I was going to marry Joel simply by watching him, so you know, there's power in that. But seriously, like I'm walking into a new church culture, and even though it's very similar to Hills, I haven't even been there for a year and a half, and then you still have to add in like individual personalities and I don't know just a bunch of stuff. So it was really cool and I just can't wait to be there all the time. And I have a feeling that I will be there alllllll the time. Two weeks from today.