Tuesday, October 04, 2005

I've been blogging in my head a lot recently because I haven't had the time to sit down and actually write. I don't really have much time now, but I have to start somewhere.

So I heard some of the most exciting news that I've heard in a long time on Sunday. My good friend and future in-laws are coming to Phoenix. Yes, Darlene and Brian and Bobbie will all be here on October 16th at Phoenix 1st. Oh the rapturous joy that filled my soul. I guess Darlene and Bobbie are here all that weekend for a women's conference at Phx 1st. However, our women's conference is that same weekend up in Prescott. So I'll make it down the mountain just in time for the evening service to meet up with my friends and future relatives. =) If anyone wants to meet up with me there give me a holla.

On a related subject, last night a few of us Hillsong people that are now Latitude people all got together at our worship pastor's house last night to watch the God He Reigns DVD. I did end up compromising my position on "All for Love", but only slightly. The vocals of the "island boys" are no doubt amazing (it'd be better if they could find the melody) but there is still no excuse for that horrible elevator music instrumental arrangement behind them. If you haven't seen the DVD you need to get it and see it if only for the opening. It made me cry. Seriously like...if you can watch that and not want to fall on your knees before God then you might need to have some demons cast out of you or something. I don't know.

Speaking of my worship pastor (Marianne), I love her. I am constantly thanking God for this church and these people and my leaders and especially the WACA people. I just glean off of Marianne. And for whatever reason, she has broken all convention and put me on BV's already. This past Tuesday was my first time singing at Elevate (women's ministry) and then she asked me again to sing on Sunday. So fun. So incredible to be handed and trusted with that position. Even though I've been leading worship since I was like 14 or something, I got up there and felt like I had no idea what I was doing. I attribute some of it to the absence of my guitar. But there's a huge difference between leading worship in a Baptist church where you basically just sing songs and a spirit lead church where you actually have to be dependant upon the Holy Spirit. So this is going to become a big thing. I think song writing is too. God has like been pouring out songs to me recently. Good ones. Ones that I'm excited to share. A few of us are going to be getting together soon and workshopping a bunch of stuff. Again, how have I been privileged to be a part of this? I don't know.

We'll call this the end of part one.